For A Better India…..

I had been to Switzerland this year; for a stint. And, that is how this post came alive.

I love my country and I doubt, my patriotic feelings would ever change.

However, this overseas visit left me pondering about – the kind of life I get to live in India vs. the kind of life a common man lives in these developed countries.

I know, this argument is neither new nor first time.

However, my point is when I too have all those resources why I can’t get the better/comfortable life. Why I still struggle with basic things? And, importantly why I just argue and not act?

Seeing closely, I came to a conclusion.

I lag attitude.

Well, the smarter crowd would come up saying that the ratio of resources against population plays a big role. Indeed, it does. There is no denying of the fact. But then isn’t that a big reason for us to use resources mindfully. And by mindfully, I mean without exploiting, without destructing.

I behave differently when I live in India. My behavior changes right from the moment I land on a foreign soil. I behave like a responsible citizen caring for not being pointed at. I follow traffic rules. I don’t jump off a signal. I follow que in the grocery shops and on the bus terminals. I don’t spit in the middle of the street. I don’t look for those semi-visible corners for peeing. I don’t place trash just in-front of the neighbors’ door.

In short – I respect law and order when I am on a foreign land.

Ironically, I am the same person who disobeys rules in his own motherland.

And, for no good reason!

Rules are meant for my safety; for my convenience. Public property is after all meant for public convenience. I understand this philosophy too well, but, only when I am on a foreign land.

I get furious if my 5 year old throws garbage anywhere except the trash box. But this applies within my home. When I am out on the street, I am least concerned with such deeds.

Strange, isn’t it?

This doesn’t end here.

I am good at something else too – Complaining.

I complain, cry, mourn, abuse my government for not cleaning the roads, not developing the infrastructure and almost even for not cleaning shit of my puppy.

Well, my government launches campaign after campaign believing one day I will have a better India. Will I?

I don’t think so.

In Switzerland, what I saw and experienced was nothing less than a dream. Great weather, disciplined traffic, amazing people. Everything runs just like a smooth oiled machine. Everything is so neat and clean, so well arranged, so well thoughtfully developed and decorated.

No wonder they call it a paradise on earth!

Coming to the basic point – When will I live in such a India?

And, the answer to me is only when I decide it to change.

You know what it is not a magic, it is not even money, though it may come later. But basically, it is just the will and attitude that makes things work and believe me, it doesn’t asks for a huge effort.

Let us understand and imbibe this in our minds that after all this all is for me, for you, for us and for a better India.


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