Note: This is a guest post from Amruta Singh. 

From last few days I am suffocating…. restlessness is filling in my heart and head…as if I have no control of life and what is happening in it (for that matter I never had control on my life and now I am actually wondering if anyone really has so called ‘control on life’?)

So basically root cause of this gibberish starts from the fact I am not really enjoying my 9 to 5 job (8.30 to 5.30 to be precisely). Plainly for earning money I am doing it but then I am not earning some pretty good stuff as well. So what I need to do to rectify it is what I am clueless about.

Several (useless!) discussions with some of my very good friends (who are equally hopeless) trigger even more frustration and kind of confusion (about purpose of life and some other such super-philosophical bullshit……).

Frankly speaking, is that so that God has chosen privileged few to live life of glory and rest of the people on earth are just filling remaining time gap and space just like in any Bollywood (filmy to the core) award function during performance when lead actor goes back stage for changing attire, the back dancers gets fraction of seconds to fill the stage???

Someone has said (And I am really keen to know who this is?) “Every individual is unique in his or her own way and we just need to tap the hidden potential to get all the things which we actually deserve in life” (in short all materialistic and luxurious things). But this unique person does not advises us greatly about how to tap this bloody hidden potential and how to even know if you have one? The very thought is quite soothing of having (though hidden) some potential. But let me make you aware of the fact that hidden potential can be equivalent to no potential at all if not tapped. So trap here is how to identify what actually you are meant to be?

So I have started this quest and if you are also in the same boat (of people who are not completely clear about their goals of life but at least understood importance of having a goal) join me in my quest, who knows in this journey we might get something precious.



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