August 2017

General Reads: 

Traveling with your toddler is cheaper (and more fun) than you think. Part 1 of 2:   Stefen Chow is a father to a four year old. I stumbled upon his articles in parenting read recommendations and I wasn’t disappointed at all. I loved the idea of just ‘father-toddler’outing. For, it offers a little more bonding between father and toddler which usually is between ‘mother-toddler’ and the mother also gets a day off for herself.

This article tells you about his recent trip to Japan with his daughter. Being a father myself and besides loving the idea of ‘father-toddler’ outing, I really admire his courage and execution of the trip. As a takeaway, I plan to do a day’s outing with my son to a nearby zoo.

Stefen also took his daughter to Mt. Everest when she was just 3. Just the idea to take your toddler to such an altitude is courageous in itself. Stefen executed this successfully. You may read the complete article here.

Travel & Food: 

I traveled to 2 states (Tamil Nadu & Gujarat) for different purposes and loved the variety of food that I got to taste. Here are the details.

Kesariya: We went to Kesariya to celebrate a special occasion. This restaurant offers typical Rajasthani food. Despite good reviews from Zoomato, I did’t like the food. The food was very, very ordinary. I would definitely not recommend this place. Ambiance was peaceful though. Though this is Bangalore, Karnataka where I currently reside to earn my bread and butter, thought to mention this.

Bandipur & Ooty: With an extended weekend at hand, we did an impromptu outing to Bandipur National Park and Ooty. The climate all through this trip was favorable, making drive very pleasant and enjoyable. Bandipur forest reserves are quite dense, preserved & well protected. My little baby Aarav thoroughly enjoyed watching and feeding monkeys, elephants and deer (yes, you will find plenty of deer while driving through Bandipur). He was very curious to get to see a tiger or a lion but had to settle with these. Nevertheless, he was very happy to see all these animals at a hand’s distance. Specifically about Ooty, I did not like the popular tourist attractions of this place and would recommend skipping those and rather, would suggest spending a peaceful day on the outskirts of the town. Besides popular tourist attractions, Ooty has lot of tea planting farms and household chocolate factories which offer genuinely good tea and tasty chocolates.

Ahmedabad:  Although this was a work visit, it did allow some food tasting around the city and as expected, I enjoyed a variety of Gujarati food. Also, it’s worth a mention that Gujarat offers really good street food. Almost everywhere in the city you get some mouth watering stuff to satisfy your taste buds and importantly, it’s very cheap despite being maintained for quality.

TV Shows, Music and Movies:

1. Game of Thrones: I completed 1st season of this very popular series. I am amazed with the cinematography. I am definitely looking forward to complete the next series asap.

2. Sarabhavi vs. Sarabhai: Just started watching this hindi comic series and I am looking forward to watch some more of it. Loved the one liners and comic timings.

3.  Amit Trivedi’s Sound of Nation: This is a collection of Amit Trivedi’s some of the best compositions. He performed this at Mirchi Music Awards. It’s worth a watch. You can check this out here.  

4. Kapoor and Sons: A good Bollywood movie. I highly recommend to watch.


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