Feb 2018

After consistently failing to post monthly log, I am here with some update.

Year 2017 did not really end on a good note for me. Although, I cannot claim it to be a bad one too. I ended 2017 and began 2018 exploring Rajasthan with my family. Some squabble among close family members made the last phase of the trip miserable. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed sun set at Jaisalmer with my son. He too, loved camel ferry and desert safari a lot. I shall post few pics of the trip shortly.


I finished reading two books from mid January to end February. The books were 3000 strings by legendary Sudha Murthy and A hundred little flames by Preeti Shenoy. In an attempt to regain my long lost habit of reading, I consciously choose these books. I loved reading them and felt at peace as I completed reading them.


Dear Dad: Loved watching this movie. Movie is based on a father-son story where father comes out as a gay to his teenager son. All the actors in the film have done justice to their roles.

Well, this is what I recollect retrospectively about all the stuff that I could do in February.



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